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Lang mobile 36?

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Hey guys I'm interested in a Lang 48 original because I want to take my smoker on trips. I don't know how many times I've been asked if I would BBQ things for people and I'd like to do it for them at their place. Best of all annually my in-laws take a  camping trip to the Sequoia mountains and I figured that might be cool to take a Lang up there, they also do plenty of Beach camping throughout the year.


Do you guys think a mobile 36 would sell? I tried emailing Lang about it but I haven't had a return yet.

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Raymo  I'll bet you that once they make the 36 mobile everyone would just buy the 48 as is.  They would use the same frame as the 48, same tires etc.  Only difference would be a couple of hundred bucks savings for a foot or two of steel tube in the cooking chamber. 

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Buy the 48 and in 3 months you will wish you had the 60. I am still very happy with my 48D, and it is all I really all I need but you know????? Every now and then I wish I had gotten the 60.

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