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A batch of smoked salmon

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The ultimate in simple, but turned out really nice.

2 large king salmon, filleted, skin-on (or 4 smaller ones)


2 gal water

4 C dark brown sugar

2C Kosher Salt

Brine overnight - sometimes I do it in the fridge, others I'll brine in a cooler with a bag of ice thrown in to keep the temps safe.

I smoke my salmon skin-on.

Pull fillets from the brine, rinse, pat dry with paper towel then place on rack for at least 45 minutes until slightly tacky to the touch. Usually the time it takes to get out my ECB, fill the water pan, and get the charcoal going good in the chimney starter, is enough time for the fillets to sit out.

I smoke at 210-220 for 4 hours with apple for my smoke (cooked and smoked).  This gives me a drier, firmer texture than what you would buy at a specialty store.

I took the tip from one of the posts I saw here a while back and hit the fillets with a coat of maple syrup 30 minutes before done - talk about yummy! the syrup gives it a nice glaze too, making presentation better than plain old smoked fish.

I have no idea how long it will keep in the fridge, since every time I make a batch (2 full ECB racks), it is gone within a week.

A Q-view of the finished product just before coming out of the smoker:

IMG00172jpg.jpg[img]This recipe is also good for coho salmon, brown trout and steelhead.

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Looks good!


Nice color!

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Looks darn good from here!!!



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One problem I'm here and you are so far away th_sFun_drool2.gif

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