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Looks pretty legit! I'm just wondering if you're going to have enough air flow going under your coals/wood or am I missing something? Looks like you got that nice rack to lift it up but only 4 slots for air, is that enough? Keep in mind I know nothing about building these.

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Good looking smoker !

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This gives a pretty good indication on the scale of the Monster......


And this is what it does to Brisket!


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WOW! That is a sweet smoker. Very unique. Brisket looks delish too.

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Just got the word that Monster # 2 got a green light! Build to start next week!!

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I missed this thread til now... Wow! Nice work, I think you have a winner design. Look forward to seeing it more in the future and seeing what you come up with for #2!

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Welll the monster had almost 200 pounds of brisket in it yesterday!



It was hard to turn over the head cook duties to a friend but it was his gig. I was only there for a couple hours but learned a few things about the verticle design and how to manage it. We had a couple problems, nothing that were more than groing pains with a new smoker and that much meat all at one time. In the first picture you can see the slit of light between the smoke and fire box. Well the drippings ran out through this slit and dowen the outside of the fire box making quite a mess. In the second picture you can see the round plate above the fire box, this was exposed allowing drippings to go strait into the fire. I have the plow disk blade I mentioned earlier ready to put in over this spot, it just didnt get done before this smoke. I'm hoping it will help to disperse the heat better too. The bottom rack stayed pretty hot. Also we didnt drain off the drippings from the bottom of the box as we went so there was about 3/4" of juice in it. So with the drippings going strait into the fire box and the pan of greese we had a flash fire in the box. It was easily snufffed out by choking it off. In the second pic you can see the very fat brisket at the lower left of the bottom shelve. It ended up ruined after the fire. But it did make for some good pick'ins. I have a couple little mods to make now and will post the pics when they are done.
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drool.gif Looks great .You let another man touch you smoker .You are a better man than i.Is the disk just a deflector or a pan you can put water in to help stabilize temps.

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