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Ribs, Nuts and corn w/ qview

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Last nights dinner smoking,  The Ribs are already foiled in this pic.



These are my spicy almonds, 


These are sweet ones I tried, I got the recipe from AlaskanBear.  THANKS They are great!!!!!


I did the 2-2-1 method for these baby backs with just Jeff's rub.  They turned out great next time I would like to try without foil at all and see how they turn out!



Very Tasty and Juicy!!!!!  The corn wasn't  too good so I didn't get any pictures of it.  Thanks for looking!!

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Looks delicious!


Great Q-view too!

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Looks good. Those are some really meaty BB's.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice job on the BB's



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Youzers!! drool.gificon14.gif

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Almonds are on my to do list.  Please share your method.

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Originally Posted by Ejbreeze View Post

Almonds are on my to do list.  Please share your method.

The spicy ones I got from another member here "Scarbelly" and is as follows


2 cups almonds

2 TBSP Butter

2TBSP + 1TSP Tabasco

1 1/2 TSP Worcestershire

1/2 TSP Dry Mustard

3/4 TSP. Garlic powder

3/4 TSP Granulated Salt


Mix let stand for 30 min then drain.  Preheat to 225 and smoke with apple for 90 min turning every 30 mins season with smoked hickory salt or popcorn salt.  These are the best almonds I have tried hands down!!!!  They have a bit of heat but that's how I like em!!!


This was the first time that I tried the sweet ones and got that recipe from another member "AlaskanBear"


1 TBSP Butter

1 TBSP Maple Sryup

1 TSP. Honey

1 TSP. Sea Salt

1/4 TSP. Nutmeg

1/4 TSP. Cinnamon


Heat and combine in a sauce pan over med heat to dissolve dry ingredients.  Add 2 cups of Almonds stir and let sit 15 min heat smoker to 225 and smoke for 90 minutes total.  Sitr every 30 minutes!  ENJOY!.


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The bb's look great! I haven't smoked nuts yet but I think I'll give it a shot this week. Thanks for the views!
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Thanks for posting the recipe.  Going to give this a try.

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Everything looks great and  Bear should be able to see that....

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Great looking ribs man - awesome job

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Ribs look great. That nuts idea is a good one,I do frypan version but that smokehouse touch has everything.

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My friend it looks Amazing it is a great combo ,these ribs looks awesome.well done

Thanks for the recipe

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Everything looks AWESOME!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Very Nice icon14.gif

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looks great and thanks for sharing the recipes Looks-Great.gif

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Great Job, Blue !!!!!!


Awesome BearView of those ribs too!!!!





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