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Newbie trying a pork shoulder......looking for tips befor I start. - Page 2

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Looking good, You've got some great color going on banana_smiley.gif

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Hour 6...pretty sure im at the plateau/stall been stuck @ 150 for a bit now. All good tho. Dammit im getting hungry!!!!!



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Thanks Raptor700! I spent about 18 months herbie, lived in Navarre. Been to your Hooters in Crestview a few times.

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Looks good, gonna try my first one this weekend.

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Hour 8 - OK, I might be freaking out a bit now.....have been stalled for about an hour and half!! it got to 155, then nothing. Dropped to 140 and has been there for quit awhile. Double checked the therm with anothe digital, said the same. Have been reading about stalls and I guess they can last as long a 2 hrs or more. Just dont want to haul a huge chunk of coal out of there. Smoker temps have been good...maintaining 230-260 range.


Trying to relax....mayby I ll fire up another cool Daddy drink and watch some more preseason FB!!!!

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looking good....just sit back and enjoy the ride, the stall will end and temp will climb....patience will be rewarded.

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Close the darn door and have a cold one! biggrin.gif Remember if your a lookin ya ain't cooking. I'd love to have a smoker like that for the collection. icon14.gif

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Done.....thank you for all the help!! Came out pretty good I think. I have a house full of full bellies and heavy eyes!!! Also heard a few oh daddy, this is soooo good! Used the finishing Sauce from the pork sticky and my wife made the dipping sauce from her grannys cook book.








Again, Thank you for the help. I have some heavy eyes myself......



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Great job!!

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GREAT JOB!!!...Amazing what you can learn to do here!  I guess we will be seeing more of you now, Congrats!...JJ

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Damn I'm craving a pulled pork sammie now. Tomorrow it's on! Nice smoke.

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Good job!


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Looks delicious!


Way to hang in there!

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Great job, It looks perfect.


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