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Awesome Beef Ribs Today

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So today about 12 i put some Beef Ribs on the smoker and this has been the first time i've gotten them to turn out great! I used and Salt,pepper,brown sugar,cumin and red pepper rub and used soaked hickory chunks for the smoke. I put 3 Beers in the pan with some water and did the 3-2-1 method. LET ME TELL YOU, Turned out perfect after 6 hours of smoking! Fell right off the bone. When i get a cord for my camera i'll start doing Q-view because they looked awesome!

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Sounds Great !!!!


Next time I hope to say it looks great !!!!


I gotta do some Beef Ribs again soon, too!!!

they are my favorite ribs!!!


Thanks ETS,


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I spent a Summer in Arlington, TX years ago and ate a Ton of Mesquite Smoked Beef Ribs.


I'm not aloud to say Mesquite, out loud in my house, so needless to say I miss them.

Hickory smoked BR's are on the short list now...JJ

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I'll have to try some Mesquite smoked BR's next time, As proud as I am of how these came out today I wanna smoke some more tomorrow for the heck of it! I'll have to use my homemade Bourbon BBQ sauce to lather em up.

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They sure sound good!

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1. Get more Ribs


2. Get cord for camera


3.Post Qview



Sounds like they were great though

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WOW they do SOUND a cell phone ?????

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Sounds good.


We usually prefer pork ribs, but there are some beef ribs on sale this week.  If they look good I will try to duplicate yours. Might be a good time to break out that unopened bag of Mesquite dust I got from Todd.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I never do beef ribs that long, but I am sure they were good. Pictures next time please.

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