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FREE BBQ cook off in Tulsa!!

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Just bring your smoker and some meat! We'll be doing brisket, pork ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, and beans. Free to compete, and there will be a cash pool put together by the shop owners on site for the winners!  This well be a very relaxed atmosphere, geared more towards amateur contestants.  Contact info is below.  We need contestants!! 

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I should go visit, my folks still live there.  take a Hastybake and you'll fit right in!

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i'll be taking my uds, i may even have to whip up another one between now and then to have some more cooking space. I'd be up for a team mate or two if anyone's interested. 

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Well I hope Jeff shows up!

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i forgot to mention free breakfast will be provided for the cooks!

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Any takers?? This would be a great opportunity for guys and gals who have thought about competing, but have hesitations. This will be a lot of fun if we can get enough folks involved.

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Well competition was fierce.  I placed first in a field of two.  The other team was reheating baby backs slathered in sauce on a gas grill, and their pulled pork was made in a crock pot. It was fun, and i got lots of compliments on my q. Hopefully we'll do it again next year, and we'll have more competition. And a rule against crock pots!

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Well good luck with getting Jeff there.

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Hey Wes,


I just stumbled across this thread as I did a search for Tulsa. I also just recently started smoking and joined the forum. Let me know of any local amateur comps in the future, sounds like fun!



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Man I missed this post and the whole dealfrown.gif

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