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Masterbuilt 30" 411

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I just got my Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker with glass door and remote.  Very excited.  I smoked 6 bone-in chicken breasts for about 3 hours in 225 and then some asparagus on 200 for about an hour..  When I went to take the asparagus out, white smoke billowed out and I could bare see for a second.  When I returned to clean it later, I noticed on the top left corner of the door where the rubber seal material is, it appeared to be melted.  The metal on the door as well was bowed out and the rubber trim on the inside edge of the smoker that meets the door rubber sealing appears to be melted too.  I'm thinking I need to call them and return it. There was no fire during smoking and the heat inside never went passed 230 when I checked it.  Any ideas??  Btw, the food came out great and I even got some awesome smoked chicken salad out of it too!

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I would try Masterbuilts customer service they are usually pretty good!

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