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crazy question

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Can you do your 2 hour smoke with baby backs refrigerate then finish them the next day?

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You can but I think the texture after finish will be a bit off. Mop, Mop, Mop.

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The 2nd day will likely take just as long as starting from scratch. I'd guess that since what you're going for is a specific temperature and time enough to break down the collagen, breaking up the cook won't buy you any time, and as Master stated, might mess up the texture of the final product. What you could do is finish them on the first day and warm them on day 2. This could be done on a grill or in the oven, and will save you some time as the breakdown of the connective tissue will have already taken place. This might actually enhance the texture, as gelatin, once cooled, requires a higher temperature but less time to melt than that required to break it down in the first place.
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You need to get the ribs to an internal temp of 135 before refrigerating them, and you won't be able to do that in 2 hours. The safe way would be to do the 2-2 & save the 1 for the next day. This will work fine. You can even do the 2-2 & freeze them, then thaw & finish in the smoker with good results.

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If it was me I would finish them on day one then steam them on day 2 to serve

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never tried it....and don't think I would do it.....if I don't have time I just wait until a day I do, but I am anxious to hear how it should be done in case I ever find myself in your situation  439.gif

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Thanks for the input i think i will do the 2-2 then finish them on the grill tomorrow. I have a long night ahead of me as to why i can't do it all tomorrow and everyone wants to eat at 1 o'clock lol. 

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Good luck Buddy!

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Hey guys i did the 2-2 yesterday then today we was doing chicken put the ribs in with them and turned out great thanks for your input..

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Glad it turned out well for you!

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