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Al, you make a good point.  A saying at our house is, "man make fire".  LOL  I think there is a primal instinct that makes it so satisfying.


Good luck and good smoking.

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  Yeah,Davebiggrin.gif Sitting around the fire with the Comradery of a Friend(or more),drinking what you want and out of Momma's waywife.gif.biggrin.gif

Have fun and....

Around here  momma is going to be out by the fire drinking and having fun too.


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I am very busy with two young boys and the propane makes life so much easier. I first started with my UDS  and I thought life was great. After a few smokes it began to be a pain to reload the charcoal basket and my temps seems to fluctuate requiring frequent monitoring. I could always dial in the temp and it would remain steady, but the temps would slowly decline over 8 hours. I have a big belly and I would always get grease or charcoal stains when reloading the charcoal basket. I would have to take off the meat and remove the grates, etc.


With the propane I get constant heat and when I want more smoke, I open my door and just throw a couple more pecan chunks on. Less than 30 seconds and I am done, where as the charcoal reload in the UDS was at least a 5 minute deal and that does not include the warming up of lump charcoal.


I usually compare my BBQ with other friends who have UDS and they can't tell a difference in flavor. We all used pecan and covered the plates and there was no clear winner. Propane works for me, the UDS has not been used in 2 years. I am most likely going to give it to my brother in law.

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Gotta sy that I'll never get rid of my stick burner now. It survived the hurricane. Even almost floated away. Got a special place in my yard now. (behind my pre-built log jam in the river that my yard becomeslurk.gif) Watched my neighbors propane tanks float away and then swam after them becase he's a good dude. Sadly tho,,, I had to watch my wood float away too. I found most of it in the woods (how ironic is that) but it was very dis-heartening to watch all that wood I'd gathered and split be taken back by good ol' mother nature. What a bitch man. Hope everyone else had a better weekend that I hadsausage.gif.

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Had a flood here this year but were use to a local singing about it.

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