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First fattie x2

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Plans for beer can chicken got scrapped so I did the next thing on the smoking to-do list...make a fattie. And since I was firing the smoker up I figured I'd make two, one for dinner tonight and one for tomorrow morning. For dinner I replicated wndrrd's recipe for a philly cheesesteak that he posted yesterday. 


Steak, onions, & peppers in the pan

steakpepsonions in pan.jpg


Bacon, additional steaks, and cheese laid out



Cheesesteak prewrap

cheesesteak prewrap.jpg


In the smoker with the breakfast fattie. The only problem I had was that the cheesesteak fattie split open at the top. The other one held together just fine, so I have to work on my technique.

in smoker.jpg


The finished cheesesteak after the dough wrap was put on and it was cooked in the oven for 20 minutes

sliced cheesesteak.jpg


The cheesesteak came out great! Even my wife gave it a thumbs up and went for seconds, which never happens.


The other fattie is a breakfast wrap. It has breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, grated potatoes, peppers, onions, and shredded cheddar cheese. I finished it with a bacon weave. This one held together great. I sliced it up and am going to reheat it is a skillet tomorrow morning at work for me and the co-workers. Biscuts to put the slices on are in the oven as I type.


finished breakfast.jpg


sliced breakfast.jpg

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Boy, they  look good , I like that u wrap the cheesesteak fattie  in the dough

I got two going on in the morning. One Breakfast with smoke sausage, and one with "hot link" dog in it

Nice Bacon weave Looks-Great.gif

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They both look delicious!


Great work for your first try!



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good looking!drool.gif

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Nice Job! drool.gificon14.gif

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