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is it still good?(salmon)

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i received some salmon steaks today from my sister-in-law  that she got from a restaurant her mom works at, ater thawing it out  i am noticing it seems a little mushy is this still good? also while running cold water over it to thaw it seems to get sudsy like it had soap  on it ???????


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When in doubt and all that.

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If it doesn't look good to you it probably isn't good, but


if it doesn't have a fishy smell it still may be alright.


If it were me I wouldn't take a chance.

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Probably farm raised china or chile..............Yuk! I'd boot it. 

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Repeated freezing and thawing can make it mushy and be an indication of mishandling...Not worth it in my opinion...JJ

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Not worth the chance ...

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