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Walmart Cryovac Corned beef Brisket

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Ok guys and gals, I've read through the forum and done a couple of searches but can't find an exact answer to my question regarding the brisket in the title.


I'm sure you all have seen these before and basically what I need to know is: what makes this brisket corned beef? Is is the solution thats inside the vac bag with it? Or is it the little packet of spices thats inside? I have a feeling that I already know the answer but I need some professional feedback on this one.




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It's the solution that it's brined in that makes it corned beef.

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I knew it. Oh well, looks like I need a good rub to make smoked pastrami now 33.gif

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That will make a pretty good pastrami.  I have two thawing in the fridge which were left over from St Patty's.  Hope to smoke them tomorrow or Sunday.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Both Corned Beef and Pastrami start out with a brined brisket.  While the spices are different, they're not too far apart.  I make pastrami often from "corned" beef, and it's better than what I can usually buy as pastrami.  Soak the corned beef in water to get some of the salt out if the sodium content is high, I usually go for about 4 hrs.  Rub down with a rub that includes ground coriander and pepper, no salt, some paprika, brown sugar, ground chipotle peppers and a few other things I can't remember from work as I've tweaked my recipie a few times.


One of the biggest differences between corned beef and pastrami is that pastrami is cooked via smoke, where corned beef is either slow-cooked in water or steam.

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I got one once and didn't realize it was brined. Thought it was just a brisket. Braised it on Guinness for St. Patrick's day and it was inedible. Next day, I decided to try to salvage it, so I boiled it in a gallon of water with potatoes and cabbage. Ran it thru the food processor and came out with some of the best corned beef hash i've ever had. Definitely soak it.
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I stock up on them every march when the stores practically give them away. Good stuff! icon14.gif

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Sounds like you have your answer.


Buy one & smoke it just like a brisket after you soak it in water for 8 hours ( change the water a couple of times )


The next step is to buy a brisket & brine it yourself for homemade pastrami.

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Thanks you guys. Like I said, I guess its a good thing I LOVE pastrami!  drool.gif Will get some Q-view up once I get it goin.



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