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Beef Butt Tip????

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My father drives semi for a living and just called me saying he got a case of "Beef Butt Tip" that was damaged on a load.  By damaged he means the box got damaged and fell apart, it was refused at the dock.  So anyway long story short he has this case of beef that says it's Beef Butt Tip.  But I have no idea what it is... He says it is in 3 packages inside the box, still frozen, but 90lbs total.  I don't have pics yet as he is still out on the road.  It'll be kept in the refer until he gets home.


Anyone have any idea what it is?

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Possible Tri Tips. Good score if it is.

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If it is bottom sirloin butt, it would be a combination of the tri tip, ball tip, and the flap.


Maybe Pops can address the "beef butt tip" terminology?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Whatever it is it sounds like a winner to me!

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He brought the label off the box home with the meat. It says boneless beef bottom sirloin butt. Ball tips. I have got to cut it up and vacuum pack it in sizes that can be used. Assuming i should cut it into roasts? Either way i think itll smoke up good!grilling_smilie.gif
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yup, that's what it is


Sirloin ball tip roast:



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Thanks Pops, you are the man!


The area he circled is the ball tip.  The area to the left is the tri tip, separated by a natural seam.  The area to the back is the flap.


Pops posts up the best pics to help us learn these things!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Score!!! Gotta love free cow! nana2.gif

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