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Looking for Detroit, Michigan pellet source...

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Hey everyone, long time no post.


I just ordered a pellet smoker from Amaz-n-smokers after getting the dust based smoker and loving it.  I've seen several people here love the pellet smoker too so I'm sure it'll be great.


I was wondering if any of you knew of a place that sells pellets around Detroit area in Michigan?  I'm looking for pure 100% though, to many brands I've found online have been blended which bugs me.  How they can call them "hickory" pellets when they're 2/3s OAK is beyond me.




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Have you thought about ordering from Todd? He has incredible customer service and lots of choices in pellets at pretty reasonable prices

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I agree with Scar and I think Todd's are 100% of whatever wood he sells.

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I second that and mine is on its way !!!!!yahoo.gif

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I would trust Todd and his products over anything or anybody else.  Can't beat his customer service, and he stands behind his products.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I would buy from Todd myself, you know you will be taken care of and get a quality product to boot. icon14.gif

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Well, I can't add any more to the endorsements you've been given.  I've used Todd's pellets and they are far superior to what you can find locally.  Speed of delivery?  I live clear out on the left coast and the delivery is extremely fast.  What more can you ask for?  He's a square shooter..... a rarity these days.  You'll do right by him.

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If you are looking for a local source, we've got them!  We are also a MAK Grill dealer here in Michigan.  Leisure Works 5204 Jackson Rd Ann Arbor MI 734-668-7665

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