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Baby Back Membrane (qView)

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I bought a 3 pack of Baby Backs from Costco.  Is it possible that the membrane have already been removed?  this is my first time but it didnt seem like there was a membrane on any of them.  Do you see one?



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Yes I see it, take a sharp knife and cut down the middle of a bone and start peeling and you will see what the membrane looks like. The whole membrane from one rack balled up would be the size of a strawberry or smaller. Use a paper towel to grab it and pull it off , kinda slippery. Hope this helps. 

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A while back someone posted a sure fire way to remove the membrane and I have used it with great success. - Run the ribs under warm water  then pull the membrane. It has worked every time for me with great success 

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I use the hot water method too.

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I see it also..Paper towel works great but will have to try the hot water .

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Yeah, I see it too. Haven't tried the hot water method yet, I will have to give it a try. Paper towel trick has always worked for me. 

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