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Bison Burgers & Buffalo Corn - Q-View

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Bison Burgers & Buffalo Corn

These were Bison Burgers topped with Habanero- Jalapeno Cheddar, lettuce, fresh garden maters, pickles and my homemade Memphis style BBQ sauce.
The Dogs were kosher and were topped with the same cheese and salsa... and grilled cheese straws
The corn was grilled then mopped with my homemade Buffalo wing sauce and diluted some with a bud light.

Thanks for looking

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Looks like a great meal Shiz-Nit, I would love to dig into that!

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Looks great Nit,

Never tried Bison but that looks Yummy! drool.gif

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Now thats looking real good and with Bear-View all the way...

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Looks-Great.gifBut Memphis is dry rub country we only keep sauce for Yankees that are in town.

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Oh man that looks great! That's my kind of meal all hot like that. The buffalo corn went on my never ending list, thats brilliant. banana_smiley.gif

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Looks awesome!




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Nice late  yummy

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Nice plate looking good yummy

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Great Pics of a Tasty Looking Meal!...JJ

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Great looking meal!  I haven't had a bison burger in many years.


Good luck and good smoking.

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