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My first fattie

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39 yr anniversary dinner. The boss says it was great and seeing how the trial period is over she will keep me for another 10 yrs at least.



Bacon wrapped Tenderloin 037.jpgBacon wrapped Tenderloin 042.jpgBacon wrapped Tenderloin 043.jpg





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looks wonderful!!!!Looks-Great.gif

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Karl, Congrats on the Anniversary and the great Fatty...JJ

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It looks good what was in it ??? Congrats on the annv.

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Looks good! icon14.gif

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Looks-Great.gifCongratulations.gifon the anniversary

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Congrats Karl

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Congrats Karl!


Nice job on the fattie!

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Had fun doing it and they sure are good. It is at the top of the favorites list.

I used some chicken Stuffing mix. and put in some fresh garlic chopped with a lot of grated cheese and mushrooms and bacon chopped in to the mix also.


Served it with Mashed spuds and garlic and bacon mixed and baked.

Next morning had fried fattie with the left over and fried mashed spuds. Was a real hit with the boss. As i said she said i could stick around for another 10 yrs.


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