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Beer can chicken and the MES

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I unexpectedly have some time tomorrow and there happens to be a whole chicken in my fridge next to a can of beer-you can see where this is going...


I have a pretty good recipe for making beer can chicken on my grill but I would like to give it a try using my MES. My question is can the MES get hot enough to cook the chicken so it comes out good. On the grill I am usually working with temps in between 325 & 350. The MES only gets to 275. Even with temp spikes I have only seen it get to 295, and that is only temporary. Anybody have any thoughts or experience doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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If you have a recipe you like just use that, the only difference is it will be smoked. You can always put it on the grill cranked up at the end to crisp up the skin. A little butter on the skin before it hits the grill will help on the crisping. icon14.gif Don't forget the money shot. 

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