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my first brine

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smoking my first bird tommorow, so i thought id try brining for the first time.

here are some pictures, apologies for quality, taken on my ipod

photo 1.JPG

the mighty beast


photo 2.JPG

im using half a cup of each as im using about 3.5 litres of water


photo 3.JPG

mix em up

photo 4.JPG

using a slow cooker pot for the bird, brine solution mixed with the water and poured over

photo 5.JPG

and now the waiting game, im going for 12 hours.


tommorow ill add some more pics of my next stages of the bird prep :)

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Looks good so far!

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i spatchcocked the chicken in the end, added the memphis rub and ended up having to cook it the oven as i had an epic fail with my smoker, still the bird was very succulent and tasted good,sorry forget to take photos of the next stages but i was having a smoker F*** up :(

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