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Prayers to him and his family, very sad news.

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Originally Posted by africanmeat View Post

Yes it is sad news my Thoughts & prayers , for Rich & Gloria

My deepest wishes and prayers for Gloria and Rich and the entire family.. God Bless


Rich & Lady Bear


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Sounds like this man and woman are very near and dear to this forum. Sadly, I did not

know him or view his posts of wisdom. With warm regards and deep condolences...embrace the universe Richoso1 and may Gloria receive your loving strength once you do...James

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That's very said. He's a great guy. He was the 1st person that welcomed me when I joined this forum. Our prayers are with him and his family.

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Thoughts and prayers for Rich and Gods grace to you Gloria.



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Love and good thoughts out to one of my very favorite people here at the forum.  Hugs to Gloria and all their family and friends. 

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Prayers sent..

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very sad to hear...Rich is a great addition to SMF....my regards and prayers to the family...

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Prayers continuing to go up for Rich and his family.. this is sad news indeed.  Rich has been a huge asset and blessing to this forum and has helped countless people. Keep your chin up buddy..

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The Vigil continues for Rich here, too. He's truely one of our blessings.

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Prayers sent and sending more

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Ah, man, this truely is a blow of bad news.


Rich was one of the first to help me through a few difficult smokes when I first started pork shoulder and picnic smokes, if I recall. Yeah, he's been here when many of us were in need of tips, advice, or just a few words of wisdom to build or regain our confidence in our own skills. He's poured out his share of recipes and stories of his successes here, as well, providing plenty of inspiration along the way. I haven't met him face to face, but through his posts alone, he seems to enjoy the simpler things in life...the kind of guy after my own heart.


Huge amount of knowledge, and a great friend to have in your corner. I've been following this for 5 or 6 days, and due to personal losses of my own and the prospect of more to follow soon, I really didn't know what to say...


Hold onto your dreams, my friend, and may Gloria, yourself, family and friends be comforted by each other's words and presence through this difficult time. Continued thoughts and prayers going out to all of you.


Your friend, always...



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Thoughts and prayers added for a fellow pepperhead and his family. Rich always gave me great advice and was a great source of help for so many here.


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More prayers sent, your in my thoughts Rich. 

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Wow, what a punch in the gut. The news hurts.


Richoso, hang in there, and best prayers to you, from us. You are definitely A Great One to me, and your kind words and help will always be appreciated and remembered.




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Hello everyone, My name is Thomas. Richoso1 is my father. I am profoundly affected by everyones thoughts and prayers here. Yes, my father truly is an inspirational teacher. I just wanted to let everyone know on here that he did pass away. He passed on 09/24/2011. He was surrounded by family all through his final days. He is in pain no longer. I found this forum when I was looking through some of his favorites on his computer after he passed. I came across this forum and was amazed at what I read when people were talking about my father. I want to thank EVERYONE here for their kindness. As I was cleaning out my fathers closet, I came across what I thought were bags of sawdust lol. Gloria told me that it was what dad used for his smoking experiments. I have since started to explore this same venture. Again, just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for your kind words.



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Thom, evening and welcome.....    Your father was a good dude and very highly respected, on this forum....   It's good to hear from you and also looking forward to your contributions as well....  We are here to fill in the blanks when it comes to smoking stuff...  


Best regards, Dave

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Welcome Richoso2 !!!


Your Dad was Awesome!!


There were a handful of guys back then that I made sure I didn't miss any of their posts, and he was at the top of that short list !!!


This forum suffered a great loss when we lost him, as I know your whole family did.




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I think bear said it best...we have lost a few members here and it is never easy your dad was a wise man in the ways of smoking meat.

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Thomas  - glad to see you are carring on your fathers legacy of smoking. He was a great guy with a huge heart and some truly great smoking recipes. I always enjoyed reading his posts and he was very helpfull to lots of us as we started smoking.


Hopefully the rest of the family is doing well.

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