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Brisket Help!---Finished..

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so ive never done a brisket bigger than 6lbs, and i have a 10lb packer and 14lb packer sitting in my fridge that i will be serving 2mrw at a my dads 50th bday party around 5:30 pm...i no that we go by temp and not time, however im asking for general references of how much time i should expect for the smoke...i was planning originally to get 2 12lb packers but the selection at sams was pretty limited..also i was goin to start both around midnight and hopefully be done by 4 pm ish..but now im thinking it might be better to start around 9 on the 14lb'er and midnight on the 10lb'er..


im cooking them with sweet baby ray's to hold on to the rub..and the rub will be granulated garlic, black pepper, onion powder, roasted garlic & herb, seasoned salt, and paprika..


so what im really looking for is a general time frame of how long im looking at.. i know that all smokers are different, and that however many times i open the firebox and the main chamber change times etc..


so throw out some time frames and ill throw back some qviews...



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I'd put them both on at 7 pm. When they get ready wrap in heavy foil then in a towel and place in a ice chest w/ some pillows or something to fill up the dead air space. They should still be hot when ready to serve.

 I have never used BBQ sauce as a binder to hold my rub,always afraid it would burn being on the smoker for 15 - 16 hrs.

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I agree with eman about the start times and you can hold them in a cooler to stay hot. That will actually allow the juices to redistribute and they will be very, very good. Use simple yellow mustard to hold the rub on. When the cook is done there is no mustard taste at all. I do it on almost everything I smoke.

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Yeah.... around 7 PM will work nice. I find most of my big packer briskets take approx. 12-15 hrs., but I have had some go shorter and longer both. As for your rub binder - on brisket I switched from mustard to worsthishire sauce and have never looked back, it ads such a nice depth to the flavor.

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i thot about worcestershire or however its spelled, but i found that the bbq sauce worked very well.


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A good time estimate is 2 hours per pound & that includes the rest.


Like they said it will stay hot wrapped in towels in a cooler for 6-8 hours.

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thanks guys for the time estimates


here is a qview at 10 hours




the left is the 10lb'er and is at 165 and right the 14lb'er at about 158..

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well the briskies are done..and are oh so tender..they are in the cooler ready to be eaten!


qviews to come!

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Looks-Great.gif So far so good. Waitin on the final pics...James

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110.gif  pepsi.gif

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had an issue with the camera :/ no qviews ...


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Originally Posted by Tirrin View Post

had an issue with the camera :/ no qviews ...




The bark looked awesome!


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They both look great. Bet dad was happy.

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Got a cell phone ?  Glad they were good...

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Wow they sure look good, wish we could have seen the finish!

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i do have a cell phone and its 5+ years im fairly certain i couldve taken better pics with a toaster...there is no detail in my phone's camera..


from the smoke ive learned that the lump you can get from sams im not a fan of..Best of the West Mesquite Lump was like trying to smoke with a packet of black cats that kept hitting mesquite flavored black powder..way too much smoke..i had to damn near smother the fire to get the smoke down, and the mesquite really changed the flavor of the meat..


everyone said the meat was really good...until i get my burn barrel goin and find some not so expensive ricks of apple cherry pecan maple and goin to stick with RO lump and some pecan chunks for smoke..

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