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Freezer Conversion

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May need some suggestions on this build for those willing!






All lined with steel except this 2"  liner around the door which I will remove and replace with steel....




Plan is to use stove top burners (220) , with a PID type  setup.....I know the spray in foam is up for debate as far as removal, But i have no plans of exceeding 200 degrees,( use MES 40 for hot smokes)  and it will be totally sealed off with  steel and food grade high temp silicone, so hopefully no worry there.  Going to use the AMNPS for a smoke source.  Any input or suggestions are welcome....  thanks!

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A few updated pics...








now its time for the electrical parts to be installed...

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Yeah buddy thats freakin nice. Good job.



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That is gonna be a Helluva Smoker---I can see that already!!!




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Electrical is being installed!  Getting Closer!!



Smoke Stack is in......



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Seasoning time!!


AMNPS Doing its job!!



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It looks like you are still using the original plastic/rubber doorseal gasket. How is that working out for you?

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If it was a freezer .The door gasket is pretty tough cause a lot of units have a heater around the door to keep it from freezing shut.

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works well so far, temps will be under 200 at all times though, if it doesnt hold up, its easy to switch out.

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Nice job well done .points.gif

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Looks AWESOME! Since temp will not be over 200 I was wondering what will be the main smoking use for this unit?

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Bad AZZ!

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Now that is about the nicest one I have seen yet !!!!!

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Mainly for sausage and snack sticks...... jerkey on occasion

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Originally Posted by Fire393 View Post

Mainly for sausage and snack sticks...... jerkey on occasion





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That looks sweet! nice looking smoker!

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Test run today....snack sticks


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awesome job....waiting for the pics of the finished sticks...

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Nice Snack Sticks!!!




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