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Wrapping ribs with foil

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   How do you know when to wrap your pork ribs in foil during smoking? Should you do this?

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For St Louis spares us 321 method, Baby Back Ribs 221 you can read more on it in the wiki section, but 3 hours unwrapped 2 hours wrapped 1 unwrapped , or with bb ribs first number is 2 hours

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321 has worked excellent for me,,,just gotta be careful when pulling them outta the foil.I use some big tongs, actually 2 to get them back in the pit to firm up some.

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just gotta be careful when pulling them outta the foil


I put mine in a cookie sheet and wrap that with foil...helps keep it together better...

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Just took my baby backs out of foil now!.  I usually do the 2-2-1 with them.  Two hours unfoiled then two in foil then one hour unfoiled to firm them up a bit.  

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    Rob,There are several ways to do Spares (which is all I cook-I do not like the BB's).I do not foil my ribs,I rub them well just before I place them in the smoker and close the lid for 6hrs.Yes, I said no peeking fro 6 hours. Then I pick them up with tongs for the bend test and look for pull back on the bones,If not satisfactory they stay a bit more.Maybe it's luck or the environment in the Smoker Chamber, but they always come out juicy and bite off the bone tender.drool.gif.

      Have a good time and.............


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Good Luck...

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Try the 3-2-1 method and then try another slab with 2-2-1 method. Gives you an excuse to cook ribs twice plus you cna see which you like best. I've done spares both ways and each comes out a little different.

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3-2-1 will give you a starting point.


That is a little more of the "fall off the ribs" than I like, but it can be modified from there.


Some folks here never foil and do fine.


Experiment and see what you like?


Good luck and good smoking.

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I foil and to get them out of foil and back in the smoke... 

Remove the ribs from the smoker and allow to rest 2-3 minutes for the foil to cool a bit. Grasp one end and hold the foiled slab vertically over a bowl and poke a hole in the bottom end to drain the juices. Then open the foil, carry over to the smoker or grill and gently Flip the ribs over on to the rack. Your hands don't ever touch the meat and you may not even need gloves...JJ


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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



Since your new to this I would go with the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 method.


As you get more experience you may want to try Oldschools method.


But if you really don't know what ribs are supposed to look like when their done the 3-2-1 method is almost foolproof.


Good luck!

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