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First time smoking Pork Spare Ribs!

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Hello everyone!!


My name is Crissy and I have lately been interested at trying my hand at smoking meats. I don't know what brand of grill I have but I do know that it is a charcoal grill and believe it is also a smoker. Today I am attempting the 3-2-1 method of smoking my ribs. I watched some videos on YouTube about how to remove the membrane and I lightly coated the ribs in mustard and sprinkled a dry rub on them. I started a small fire with twigs and paper then added 5 or 6 chunks of Mesquite wood. It wasn't doing much at first but then suddenly my screened in back porch was FILLED with smoke! lol. So I added the ribs and did my best to maintain a temperature between 200 and 250 degrees. That part was rather difficult and involved me constantly going outside and adding more chunks of wood. Just a few minutes ago I wrapped the ribs in foil with a couple splashes of Apple Juice and they are now cooking for the 2 hour time.


How does it sound like i'm doing? lol


I have read that smoke does not necessarily penetrate the meat when it is wrapped up in foil so is it alright to use charcoal briquetts for the 2 hours that it is wrapped up?


Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! :D

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Sounds like your doing your best, take some pictures along the way and post them. It will help us give you tips, and its like porn around here.  I don't use briquettes but I understand your reasoning and don't see why it would be a problem. Some don't use lump charcoal and only use briquettes so I would imagine you are fine.

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Welcome Crissy


There is a wealth of knowledge available on this forum and many many experienced people that are happy to help you.


It sound like you have the right idea and for a first time smoker you are on the right track.  Big question is how it tastes when you take it off the smoker.


Lets get a good start and post a picuture of your smoker.  That way someone may be able to identify it for you and we will be able to tailor or advice to your needs.



Let us know if you need to learn how to do Qview.





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I will definitely post some pictures here in about an hour! Yes, I need to know what Qview is please! :)



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It sounds like your ONLY using wood chunks & no charcoal? Am I right? For a first smoke that may be hard to do & explains why your constantly having to add more? What kind of smoke are you getting? Too much can leave a bitter taste?

You should check into Roll Call for a proper welcome then look into the free e-course. That will certainly help you out. As far as the smoker, take a pic & post it. That will give us all a better idea of how to help!

Whatever you do don't give up. Ask question & keep trying & you will be rewarded with awesome barbque!!
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Originally Posted by Keltner View Post

I will definitely post some pictures here in about an hour! Yes, I need to know what Qview is please! :)



Qview is just pics of what you smoke so all of us can drool. Click on qview in my signature to learn how to post pics. icon14.gif

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Great looking ribs!!

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The ribs turned out pretty darn good and very flavorful!! My husband said they were really good my only problem with them is that I wish they were more "fall off the bone". The ribs that were on the ends were very tender and took little effort to pull off the bone, but the bigger ribs in the middle were tougher. This was a lot fun and I look forward to learning more about it and getting better!

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I think you did great for the 1st time.  It is the time in foil that makes them more fall off bone, 

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those ribs look great!!!   you can get them as tender as you want if you leave them in the foil al little longer...  Make me a plate!!!!!!

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Are you sure this is your first time? You done good girl!
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The ribs sure look good from here.


Like they said, a little more time in the foil will get them more tender.

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Those ribs look did good ! Welcome !

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I would eat a plate of those ribs nice job welcome to SMF welcome1.gif

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Hi Crissy and Welcome. Your Ribs look great and you'll get the tenderness where you want them with practice. After you take the E-Course, look up the Minion Method for building a fire with charcoal briquettes and wood chunks and you will be on your way. I have a similar Side Fire Box Horizontal, someone will give you an exact model name, and make great Q.  Here is a pic of the fire set up I use. There are bunch of hole bunched in the double stack of alum. pans to allow for air flow. I started with a pan of unlit briquettes and wood chunks. I light a chimney half full of briquettes and dump them on top. Let your smoker heat up, add a couple of chunks of wood, load the meat and let it rip!  ...JJ   Note: this pic is a couple of hours in but you get the point.










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Great Job.




1aa Welcome brisket green.jpg



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