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1st Post with Modest Qview

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I have been reading this forum for the past 18 months.  Want to say thank you to all those that post.  This is a great way to get ideas.  I am currenlty using a Chargriller duo.  I added the side firebox just for smoking.  It does leak like a sieve, but just gives you an excuse to sit outside and drink more beer while you are cooking dinner! 


Here are a few picks from my smoke this past weekend. 


Pork Shoulder & Brisket.JPG


6lb pork shoulder, and 12lb brisket


Brisket & Shoulder Wrapped & Rubbed.JPG


rubbed and wrapped for a night in the fridge.  Used Jeff's Rub on these, not quite enough spice for me, but the family loves it.  gotta keep momma happy!


Moinks - Making.JPG


Moinks - must credit this site for this idea.  Used basc 80/20 ground beef, mixed in eggs, Itailian bread crumbs and Montreal Steak Seasoning.  Found these marinated mozzarella balls at costco, they were tasty!.  And wrapped in thick cut bacon. 



Brisket on Grill.JPG


Brisket was a big one, it went on the night before the party.


Brisket Cooked.JPG


Took it to 165 internal, then wrapped it up, and put it in the oven overnight so I could get some sleep. 


Shoulder on grill.JPG


Just a little guy, but man he hit a stall at 165 for 3 hours.  Was starting to worry if I was going to have it done before the party started. 


Moinks cooked.JPG


Moinks came well for a 1st attempt.  Think I would mix some sausage in with the ground beef next time.  I would also make a batch with chedar in the middle. 


Sorry I don't have any more picks it got kind of crazy while the wife and I were setting up for the party. 

Brisket was done early in the moring on Sat. so wrapped it and stuck it in the cooler.  I saved the drippings, put them in the fridge, and pulled the fat layer off after it cooled.  I then pulled the brisket, and dumped what was left of the drippings back over it, and heated back up on the smoker for about 30 min.  It was fantastic!  Pork hit 205 right at 5pm, so had an hour to rest before I pulled it too.  As you can see above the Moinks came out well, there weren't any left, I served them as an appitizer. 


Thanks for looking, will get some Bear view in here next time!  

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Welcome, that looks darn good. drool.gificon14.gif
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food looks great how bout some pics of that sidebox modification lloks like it could work on my grill

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Welcome aboard!


Food looks good from here.


Good luck and good smoking.

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that food looks delicious!!!  i want to try the bacon wrapped mozzeralla.  That looks awesome.


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Looks like a good smoke from here thumb1.gif


I always add a 50/50 of sausage and beef to my Moinks, The wife likes Pepper Jack but I'm a Sharp Cheddar man.


Very nice Qview beercheer.gif

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Everything looks delicious!


Great job!

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Looking good im hungry again dang it nice smokeyahoo.gif

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It looks great it is a nice smoke

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Everything looks just great..don`t you just love those stalls....Welcome !

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Great 1st post!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Great looking meat and Glad you joined, Welcome!...JJ

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Not really a mod.  Chargriller sells this as a stand alone charchoal tailgating type of grill, but it has a punch out plate on the side of it, to attach to your larger drum as a fire box.  It was about $70 bucks but once you attach it, there is no going back.  I may pick up another just for tailgating. 

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Welcome and everything looks DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Im really drowling over here this mornin  drool.gif

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thats what Im talking about icon14.gif

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Welcome brisket green.jpg

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