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I love the bags from Vacum Sealers Unlimited!!! Pics included!! - Page 15

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Our new line of more durable ULTRA bags have 11" wide rolls and bags as part of the line up.




Please let me know if you have any other questions.




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Hello Everyone,


We are clearing inventory in our warehouse to make room for more stock, so we need to move quart and gallon bags!








CLICK HERE TO SHOP: http://shop.vacuumsealersunlimited.com/Full-Mesh-Vacuum-Sealer-Bags_c44.htm


When they're gone, they're gone.



Thanks again for all of your business.  



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Does this mean you are not going to carry the economy full mesh bags or rolls anymore?


And why are the Ultra only 11 inch wide instead of 11.5" wide? 

I really like that extra half inch sometimes.

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The economy full mesh bags are thinner and the mesh side isn't as deep.  The ULTA bags have deeper grooves on one side for a faster vacuum.


The reason I went with 11" wide is because a lot of my customers have Weston machines.  The standard Weston seal bar is 11", unless you have a Pro 2300 or a Pro 2100.


Thank you,


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Thank you Lisa,

but are you going to continue to carry the economy rolls, or is this sale going to be the last of them?

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Those rolls may be discontinued.  However, the ULTRA rolls are less expensive than the economy rolls.  I've been able to buy more and get much better pricing.




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OK.  Thanks Lisa

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I was planning on buying a vacuum sealer from you for Christmas.  But after reading your Return Policy, it seems that only, if I never open it or try it out, I would still be stuck with loss of shipping fee and 15% restocking fee.  All this when I've never even been allowed to open it and try it out for a few days. https://www.vacuumsealersunlimited.com/Return_Information.html


Standard Return Policy:

- Customers may initiate a return for most unopened items within 30 days of the delivery date. Click here to contact us by email for return authorization and return shipping instructions.  Orders returned to Vacuum Sealers Unlimited without a Return Authorization will not be credited or refunded. Please use the e-mail address associated with your Vacuum Sealers Unlimited account when communicating with us about the return.

- All returns must be received by Vacuum Sealers Unlimited within 30 days from the date the return was initiated. Items must be returned in new, unopened condition and contain all original packaging, materials and accessories included with shipment.  Refused shipments are considered Buyer's Remorse returns and all return policies apply.

- After inspecting the returned merchandise, we will reimburse the purchase price of the item, less original shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee. Items returned that were sold with special incentive shipping rates will have the actual shipping costs incurred by Vacuum Sealers Unlimited deducted from the refund.  If the unit has been opened, an additional fee will applied.  In addition to these fees, a pro-rated charge (up to 100%) will be assessed for items that are returned incomplete or with non-resalable parts.  We will refund the full cost of the merchandise and the shipping charges if the return is the result of our error.

- All refunds will be issued in the original form of payment used for purchase.

Defective Item Returns:

- For a defective return/exchange within 30 days of purchase the customer must contact the manufacturer to determine that the merchandise is, in fact, defective. For defective items outside of the 30 day time frame please contact the manufacturer for warranty service.  Returns that are inspected or tested and found to be in good working order will not be eligible for a refund and will be shipped back to the customer at his expense. 

- For defective items outside of the 30 day time frame please contact the manufacturer for warranty service.



I would think a 10 to 15 day trial period, without restocking fee and shipping fee deducted, would be more in line with todays markets.

I can't afford a $40.00 to $60.00 loss on something I am not allowed to try first.  And possibly even great cost if I DO try it, and send it back.


You will still be my source for the bags though.  Those are great, and I have been very satisfied with them.  I even sent a commercial business that ships food stuff, your way for the bags.

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As long as you keep the machine in pristine condition, you are welcome to try it out and send it back. The machine and all of the packing materials would have to be in resalable condition. The restocking fee, honestly, is for customers who try to return machines that show visible wear.  I have had people send machines back with dried on food on them and people who have dropped machines on the floor and then told me they changed their mind.  I can't sell those machines again as new equipment, so I take a total loss.  


With regard to shipping, if I pay for shipping on your return, I will literally lose money. If the machine were to arrive broken, that's completely different, but for a machine that is perfect and the buyer changes his mind for one reason or the other, I can't pay for shipping on buyer's remorse.  


I try to keep my prices super low and give great customer service. That way, everyone is happy with their equipment.


Thanks for the question.  It's always good to clarify things.



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Hello everyone,


I hope that you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  We are looking forward to spending our Christmas with our family.  I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!


I have a discount code for December, so you can vacuum seal all of your holiday leftovers, in addition to your smoked ribs, brisket, etc. 


Save 10% Off All Bags, Rolls, & Canisters

for your FoodSaver, Weston, Cabela's, or VacMaster home suction machines.



Just enter SM1215 at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied.



I am excited to announce a completely new line of bags and rolls for your countertop vacuum sealer.  They are thicker than the FoodSaver brand, and I have ordered in bulk to save you $$$.  Check out our new line of ULTRA bags and rolls for your FoodSaver, Weston, Cabela's and Vacmaster countertop suction machines:






We also carry CLEAR/GOLD BAGS that work with your FoodSaver / Cabela's / Weston / VacMaster machines:




We are now carrying all-stainless steel home suction sealers.  We have two models and one of them has a huge 16" long seal bar:


PRO 350 - standard 12" seal bar length:




PRO 380 - 16" extra long seal bar length:



We are now carrying MYLAR BAGS, and other emergency preparedness supplies! Click HERE to see.



Check out our full line of chamber vacuum machines and supplies for the professional smoker!


Take care, and thanks for your business!



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Thanks for clarifying that you are willing to be flexible with your return policy with a reasonable trial of the unit.  I can understand the shipping cost on returns.  It was just the unopened, never tried, and still shipping cost customer responsibility, that threw me.


I have another question about a sealer.  Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer.

Does it have the wide 5 mm seal or a narrow one?  I can't seem to find the answer on your site.





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I just heard back from Weston.  The heat seal is a standard 3mm.


Thank you,


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Thanks Lisa.


For the metric visualized impaired such as I am, (read "Dunce")  Here is a link that shows you a ruler just how wide it is.  Almost 1/8" wide seal!



That's much more sealing than Food Saver is, which is just a thin wire.  I like that.

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I really am not a pain Lisa.  More of an annoyance.  LOL


I was ready to order the machine, but then....  I could only find 8" X 50' foot long ULTRA rolls, and NO 11" X 50' long ULTRA rolls.

I found 11" bags, which cost more than the rolls.  I'm sure I am missing the 11" X 50' rolls, somehow.  Do you have a link for 11" X 50' long ULTRA rolls?   Or are you not going to carry them?


Thanks again for your time in answering my questions.

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I sold out of them yesterday.  I have more coming in 6 weeks.  You can use these instead:






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OK  Thanks again Lisa.

I wasn't sure if the Weston would accommodate the 11.5 W rolls or not.

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You are RIGHT, Weston won't.  The seal bar is 11".  


You can start with our ULTRA gallon bags, which are 11".


Sorry about the confusion.



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Thanks Lisa.


Would it be okay to seal the corners on a slight diagonal and seal across the top, for a "make it work" solution?

I still have one of the 11 1/2" X  50' rolls left to use.

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Hi Frank,


If you want the Weston machine, I would suggest buying it and testing out your diagonal seal idea to see if it works.  In the meantime, I carry 11" x 14" ULTRA vacuum bags that will definitely fit the 11" seal bar.


The machine ships for free, but I can't ship bags/rolls for free, so it doesn't matter if you buy the rolls with the machine or not. 


Thank you,


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Lisa, thanks for your patience and help.  I appreciate it very much.

We should be so lucky to have all our retailers be as helpful as you are!


You read my mind on saving shipping charges on the bags if I purchased at same time as machine. <grin>    Oh well.


I can only find reviews of the VacMaster 305 on YouTube, as well as on your own site.

I see one of the differences is that the 305 uses two thin seals wires (double seal), and the 350 uses a 5mm single seal.

The 350 has roll storage and cutter.  Looks like that could be handy.

I'm leaning toward the 350 model because of the wider seal thickness, as well as the 12" seal width.


What are some of the other differences between the two?

Can the 350 still stand on end for storage?  Things like that.

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