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My first attempt with the MasterBuilt XL - Baby Back Ribs

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OK, I'm new here, so if this belonged in the Pork forum, I apologize in advance.  Folks asked me in Roll Call to post Q-View.  Hopefully I will get this right.  



Here she is, all cured and ready to go! 



Lookie how clean; I'll be working on changing that this summer and fall.  :) 



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Tyson baby back ribs.  2 of the three slabs.  Brined overnight in a mixture of 1 gallon water/1C salt/1C brown sugar.  Rinsed, then rubbed last night with Famous Dave's Rib Rub.  



All ready to go!

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Thin Blue Smoke!  15 mins after I fired her up, on my first try!  


My plan is to smoke them for 2 hours, then foil them for 2 hours, then remove from the foil, sauce, and finish for another hour, all trying to stay around 225.  I went out to check them in the first 20 mins, and teh temp had dropped, so I adjusted the gas a little.  Just checked them 20 mins later, and up to 250.  So an even smaller turn backwards, and I will check again in 20.  Still getting TBS (real thin, almost can't see it), and smells good!  :D


I'll add more pics as I continue, and of course, will add a money shot when done! 



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1 hour in:



Spritzed (gosh that sure doesn't sound the ribs with apple juice.  Added 2 chunks of wood to the pan, as the smoke was almost invisible.  Here is a question for ya'all: should I have left it?  In the pic above, you can see the wood chunks (this was taken before I added any wood); should I have just left them, or turned them to put the uncharred wood against the pan, or just left them be?  I could still smell the smoke (I think), and I've read where if I can smell it, so can the meat.  


My temp was still up to 250, so I nudged the knob down a touch more.  I'll keep checking it ever 20 or so til they are done.  But so far, they are looking pretty good to me! 

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I'm with ya on this one, looks good so far...James

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Thank you James.  From your lips to God's ears.  icon_smile.gif




A little over 2 hours in the smoke, now they are in the foil.  Gotta say, they SMELL AMAZING and look almost good enough to eat already.  Sprayed them with more apple juice, sealed them up and back in they go.  





All three racks sealed up and ready for 2 more hours in the smoker.  I'll check the temp at the 1 hour mark to make sure nothing stupid is going on.  :) 

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4 hours in, now to remove the foil and sauce for the last hour.....



My wife takes over the photo duties, and decided a shot of the cook was in order.  Here is a slab coming out of the foil.



Backside of the baby back.....they already taste yummy! 



All sauced up and ready to finish! 


Another hour or so, and dinner time!!!  

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The finished product:





A few things for next time:


1) More time in the smoker; wife likes them more "fall off the bone" than these were.  Not a problem, I'll increase the smoke to 3 hours next time.  

2) Might want to remove the back loin (I think that's what it is called); the meat between the bones was very tender, the top was kinda tough.  

3) Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce at my wife's request.  Easy fix.  

4) Baste some sauce on them once or twice more in the last hour.  We like them kinda saucy.  :)  


All in all, it was a labor of love, and I enjoyed it.  This smoker and I are gonna have fun together.  :-D

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Those look great, thanks for sharing. drool.gificon14.gif

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