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Whenever I read an interesting idea like this one, I often think back to the guy who saw the first egg being laid and decided it would be good to eat.  I say go for it and let us know what you think.

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HI..actually someone has came up with smoking pickles and selling them now. Company is called TRU.

They have Kosher, bread and butter and smoked black pepper pickles and really really yummy!

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I was just outside thinking to myself......I WONDER IF ANYONE has ever smoked pickles?? Aaaaaaand here I am. I am thinking smoked pickles and cheddar on top of a big burger would be awesome!


Big E's BBQ

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 I know this i kinda a old thread but i knew a guy that smoked pickles and cherrys at a lake marina tavern we go to every year. He made bloddy marys with them plus carrots,peppers, celery and pickeld aspairigas (forgive the spealing) . He called it a bloddy salad bar . It was the best bloddy marys that I have ever had!!! i turned dozens of people onto this place and they would stop by the marina just to go have one not even go on the lake. He since has moved and quit and they just aint the same since. Ther was nothing better after a hot day on the lake than to idile the boat in and have 1 or 2 or 4. But im working on recreating them as we speek. The only info he ever gave is he used the valasic dills with mesquite and just the basic cherrys with the seed, in the bag from the local grocery store with mesquite. He also stored them in mason jars filled with vodka. Im not a big head shake when ya take a drink kina guy and these were super smooth!! I wish I knew where that guy moved those things were awsome!!!

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hey man, we really want to smoke some pickles, but cant find a recipe to do it. how did you do yours?

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I am a pickle lover from way back.  I buy the baby cucumbers from the farmer's market here when they are in season and can several jars a year.  Fried dills are great and I'm sure these would hit the spot for snack food as well.  I even drink the pickle juice (from store bought dills, not the brine I put mine in).  Did you know that pickle juice helps reduce leg cramps?  It contains more electrolytes than Gatorade.  Sports trainers often give it to athletes.  I'm thinking you could cut one end off and use one of those devices that you core jalapenos with and fill with all kinds of stuff then smoke upright on the ABT holders.  Alrighty then.............another way to eat pickles. 

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