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Hatch chili is the only way to go!  After I roast them, I freeze them as well. I put them in ziplock bags, freezer type.  About 5 or 6 to a quart size bag.  Then, just pop a bag out of the freezer, put in the microwave for about 3 or 4 minutes and the skin just peels off real easy.  Chop it up, add some salt (or smoked salt if you have some, mmm tasty!), coarse black pepper, garlic salt and a little minced white onion.  Best thing you'll ever put on a burger, pulled pork sandwich, brisket sandwich, pizza, eggs, burritos, soup, beans, chili rellenos, meatloaf, huh, have I left anything out??  biggrin.gif My 9 year old daughter even mixed it in her macaroni and cheese for lunch today.  It was actually really good there too!  It basically adds a little kick to whatever you want...

I'm hungry now!drool.gif



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GOOD gosh man--what a haul and what a roaster!!  I am green with envy.  Not much of a pepper plantation up here in Alaska, but Kuddos for you lucky ones down in the lower 48!


My big haul--store bought of course;







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Hmcm, you do the same thing I do except I like to add just a little lea & perrins and a little butter if I'm eating them by theirselves as a side. Very good compliment IMHO.
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This inspired me to go pick some up but I wasn't sure what to do with them until a guest gave me a Mexican cook book and I had left-over beer the next morning and the solution presented its self, the universe just comes together sometimes.


Frijoles Borrachos (drunken beans)


Frijoles Borrachos

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That looks like a bunch of farts waiting to happen! biggrin.gif But it also looks really good! Chilis, beans, and onions are a very nice combo unless you're asking my wife!
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Chili's look great

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