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Painted the Inside... screwed?

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So I left the painting job to my nephew who loves an excuse to paint stuff. I forgot to tell him not to paint the inside. He only put one coat on there, but am I screwed now? How do should I proceed here? 

He used the high temp Rustoleum. 


Should I burn it out with a huge fire and season it? Or will it be fine?   

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I'd burn it then use a wire wheel on a grinder to clean it to a shine and burn again.

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What kind of smoker is it?  May have a hard time putting a grinding wheel to an Electric.  Other thing is that if it was a wood or charcoal smoker and you have used it a couple of times the paint probably won't stick anyway

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Sorry, I should've clarified, I'm building a UDS. The barrel was used for oil.

We burned it out once with a huge fire, it wasn't exactly down to bare metal but it looked good enough I guess. I even scrubbed it out with degreaser afterwards... and then the paint came. Errg.

Hopefully the one coat of paint will flake off easily during my next burn. I'm not painting anything anymore.

Ugly. Drum. Smoker. All the way. Screw paint!

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Yup, just burn and wire wheel it good. 

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To bad you don't have a friend that can sand blast if for you.

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Do you have an air compressor that you can inject air into one of the air intakes when burning it out again? That should make it nearly as hot as a forge and take care of the inside (and most likely outside) paint.

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OMG........the inside?   icon_eek.gif


I would go after it with a propane weed burner. If you don't already have one, its time to hit Harbor Freight and grab one. They sure make lighting fires a breeze.


Anyways, I would hit it with the flames and after it cools, do the comet wash and call it good. 



Gotta give the nephew credit, he was on his was to doing a fine job.

By gol-lee he wasn't gonna leave metal shining anywhere, LOL 


I laugh since I can see this happening to myself.


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comet wash? like the bathroom cleaner?

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Like said.


Stoke a fire in it and burn the paint off.

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Like said.


Stoke a fire in it and burn the paint off.

X2 th_wsmsmile0ly.gif



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Got it. Thanks guys!

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Yes, comet like the bathroom cleaner. 


I have talked to several guys that have used the burn method on the barrel liners, still had liner left and used the comet on it and it wiped out. No Kidding.


Makes me want to grab a lined drum and try it for myself. 

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bummer....and they say kids are lazy....sounds like that one is a go getter!  good luck  th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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