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KCBS competition ribs practice

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Spares cut down to St. Louis, spicy brown mustard coat, rub with Slap Yo Daddy Hot Rub, Smoke with Hickory wood on a WSM bullet, foil after covering with honey butter, unfoil glaze and sprinkle with rub and back on smoker to set, cut and serve.  Thanks for looking.  I thought they were good but a little too spicy to serve in competition probably.  Next time I'll use a less spicy rub.  Also, maybe a little too tender, less time in foil.  Overall they were damn good though and I was happy with the end result.  Competition over the upcoming holiday and I hope to come home with some hardware :)

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Great looking ribs.. they sure do look tasty icon14.gif

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keep practicing.....and send me your screw-ups!  They sure look pretty from here.......good luck!  grilling_smilie.gif

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Looks great! drool.gificon14.gif

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Good luck - they look tasty from here

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Looking good! Are you going to use spinach in your turn in box?
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Nice !!!

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Yes sir!


They look like a winner from here!



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Those ribs look really good!

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