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Underneath where the elect motor and stuff was i bet if you gutted that out it would make a great place for the heat and wood chips.

Just a thought.


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Residential electric rates are 7.98 cents per kilowatt-hour. There is also a monthly customer charge of $10. (even if 0 Kw's used)


That's the local rate here in Vancouver, Wa.  But all our power comes from hydro and wind.


I have a hot tub and use my Traeger as often as possible, and haven't noticed any major increase in my bills.


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$6.00 Basic Charge, plus

First 600 Kwh 6.627¢ per Kwh

Next 700 Kwh 7.710¢ per Kwh

All over 1300 Kwh 9.037¢ per Kwh



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Originally Posted by jimpeterson View Post

OK...This is the third try at sending a reply with photos attached. I hope I'm not overloading your computers with screwed-up messages.

This is the milk machine I want to make a smoker out of:Gold Earrings.... 006.jpgGold Earrings.... 008.jpg

I'm not familiar with your machine, does it have a heat source built in ? Also I have to ask , is that stainless or galvanized? 


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Michael, you are a hill billy.  But, being a brother from SMF, I would be privileged to call you a fellow "honorary" Redneck.


My friend the Cajunlady told me there were "Yankees" and then there were "Dam Yankees".  She was kind enough not to call me a Dam Yankee unless I gave her too hard a time.  Which was a lot!  LOL


What are you paying per KWH for electricity down there in Clintonville?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That's a milk machine, that originally held two 5 gallon boxes of milk. It's all stainless, with a good sealing door.

I'd really like to make a smoker out of it. The guys on the forum, have convinced me to go electric.


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Maybe someone has an idea here, sorry I just don't see it. th_dunno-1[1].gif I would go with a 30 gallon electric. 

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