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Simple Chicken Thighs on WSM

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I have had my WSM since Memorial day and have done ribs, butts, whole chickens, spatchcocked chickens, beer can chickens and its all been edible but...this weekend I just did chicken thighs in a quick and easy spur of the moment smoke and now my wife is already begging me to do them again.


She has never raved about anything I did on the smoker all summer until now. I chalk up the mediocrity of previous smokes to me learning the art, but hopefully I'm on the road to success now.


All I did was dust the thighs with Jeff's rub about an hour before smoking them. I fired up the WSM using the minion method using KBB. I used about 4 chunks of apple wood, empty foiled pan, all vents 100% open all the time. Once the initial white smoke dissipated after putting the WSM together I filled the top rack with the thighs. I let them go for 1 hour, then flipped them and rotated the top rack 180 degrees. After the second hour I pulled them and then crisped the skin on my gas grill.


No pics, we were too busy eating!

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Sounds real good, but we have a saying here.



I guess since your new we'll have to give you a break!



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Sounds like you had a successful smoke.


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Sound great, I hear ya sometimes the eating hand is quicker than the camera hand. nana2.gif

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Sounds good if only we could know for sure it happened
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you gave us a nice story pity you left out the pics. dont worry there is next time

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Tough Crowd!  icon_sad.gif


I plan to duplicate my efforts this weekend. I'll try to have a camera on hand this time!

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