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First time cheese

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I was so excited to try out my new a-maze-n smoke tray on cheese. Although the temperature was in the upper 80's, using frozen juice bottles keep the inteneral temp down nicely. I did stuggle a bit trying to keep it lit. Any suggestions on keeping it burning in a MES?








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Your cheese looks very good, nice color!


You have to make sure the AMNS is well lit & has a nice cherry on the end before you put it in your MES.


You also need good air flow inside, so leave the chip chute out & the top vent wide open.

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What Al Said....

Also, when it's humid out, sawdust easily absorbs moisture from the air.

Put some sawdust in a bowl, and microwave for 60 seconds.  Take it out and give it a stir to release any moisture.



When I get the sawdust or chips, the moisture content is around 8%-10%.


The MES is starved for air.  If you're cold smoking, make sure you remove the chip loader, open the exhaust all the way and pull the chip pan out 1 1/2".  This should give you some additional air flow.  Also, try placing the AMNS above the chip pan housing.


Even though you had burning issues, you got good color on your cheese!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Homebrew, mornin'.....I keep my dust/chips in a sealed tin....I will also put them in an aluminum pie tin and put in the smoker on occasion during preheat to help keep them dry. (250 for an hour or 2) When lighting, at times, I will blow gently on them to get a cherry red ember glowing to make sure there is enough heat to keep them smoldering.

Also what Al and Todd said......

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Great looking cheese, now it's even better smoked. icon14.gif

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Looks good...

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Do you need to send that cheese to me to be safe?
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