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Dude! Looks very tasty! drool.gif


I have been interested in doing one of these since I saw my first photo of one and started reading about some of them. We have a local guy in Santa Rosa who smokes bacon under the radar as a sideline and I have heard it's incredible, and I have a couple sausage recipes that I have gotten where I really like them, especially a Chorizo that's almost indistinguishable from Linguica, that would be a great addition for the sausage part. Now I'm wondering if the Chorizo might be a tad much, but I think I'll try it just to see, and I think a great addition to it all would be pastrami, maybe even in place of the ham (but I wouldn't want to piss off any purists, in case the recipe has its roots locked in somewhere for the ham ingredient). We also have many artisan salumi producers here suddenly, and it might be fun to mix and match a bit of that as well. Man, I'm hungry now!!!


Your veggie compliment seems perfect. Again, locally in Northern California we have a huge availability of wild mushrooms that would make this a special dish indeed. I guess I have to come up with something to grace these pages now. Thanks for the incentive!