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Bacon & Mushroom stuffed tenderloin

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So I haven't been able to smoke in awhile BUT today we got a nice pork tenderloin & had an urge to try some mushrooms & bacon in it. I'm using only my cell phone & trying to upload the qview through tapatalk so please bare with me!

Here we hopefully go! Butterflied & pound out a large tenderloin.
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Ok went without pics? Let's try it again?


The stuffing, bacon, mushrooms, garlic, & parsley.


Too big & had to toothpick it together.


No bacon on the outside since it was inside!

It's been on the smoker for about an hour. I'm gonna go probe it. I'll post the end soon & hopefully a little bearview with the cell phone camera?
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Cool, I like the stuffing. icon14.gif

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145 & top with alittle evoo & parsley


Sliced and ready




Thanks for looking
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That looks mighty tasty, Terry!!!




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Looks delicious Terry!


Great looking plate of food!

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Looks great Terry,

Glad to see your smoker still puts out some TBS biggrin.gif


Thanks for the Qview buddy


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Very Nice.

Well played!

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Thanks Guys!! It sure was nice to getting back to some TBS. I used oak chuncks & just sat there loving the smell.

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Love anything stuff with mushrooms ,garlic and bacon.
Look great !!
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Good luck and good smoking.

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Terry.... great job! (as always!)


That looks outstanding!

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Oooohhh... I've got a loin looking for a purpose.

I may have to try that, and soon ;)

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