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First QView!! BB Ribs

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Got a chance to use my new MES 40" this weekend, and it was worth it. Made BB ribs for dinner and they came out fantastic. Cooked doing 2-2-1 method with Jeff's rub & sauce using applewood chips. They were a big hit with the family and people are already asking what I'm doing next weekend.


While this was only my first smoke, I can already see the value that a AMPS brings to the party. I'll be ordering one soon.










Thanks for looking!!



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Nice work, man! Congrats on the first smoke!

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Those look great! 

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great job man them look good..

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Nice job

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Great looking ribs!


Nice job with your first Q-view!

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Congrats on your first smoke, the BB's look great thumb1.gif

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Looking good

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It looks like a great BB Ribs

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Gotta love it when your such a hit.they look great.
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Awesome ribs

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THAT'S YOUR FIRST Q!... ON A NEW SMOKER!?!...You're going to have the Boston BBQ Pro's shakin' in there Boots!...JJ

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Congrats!  You are on your way!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looking great!!!



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