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First BB rib smoke

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Going to attempt my first meat smoke, three full racks of babybacks. It is raining pretty good her and is expected to continue all day. I don't think that should affect the smoker, but if anyone is the wiser please feel free to let me know before I get going.


I prepped them late last night and are just using a store bought cowboy rub (one less thing to go wrong). They sat overnight in the fridge wrapped in foil. This morning while looking around the site it seems that I maybe should have wraped them individually in plastic wrap for their time in there. Hopefuly it would have any lessening of the flavor or cause any other issue...


Here they are uncovered waiting to go into the smoker

first ribs prepped.jpg


More pics to follow as we go along

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Looking good so far. icon14.gif

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Keep it coming!

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MId-smoke update: Getting alot more smoke time out of a load of chips than I thought I would get. 40" MES, 1200w, small chip tray- over 1 hour of smoke for each loaderfull. Actually 1 hour and 15 minutes into the second load and still going strong. Using Hickory chips.


I think I am going to try some different things with each of the rib racks. I am going to leave one unfoiled for the whole smoke. Of the other two I am going to keep one dry after unfoiling and put sauce on the last one for the final hour. This should give an idea of the diffference in each method. I would think the unfoiled one will be done before the other ones are so I will have to keep an eye on that one.


Will keep you posted...

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OK, were


Here they are right before I foiled two of the racks


in smoker.jpg


And here is the finished product




The top rack was foiled but no BBQ sauce to finish. The lower front rack was also foiled by finished with BBQ sauce. Although you can't really see it the lower rear rack was left unfoiled the entire time. It was sprayed with apple juice every hour and half of it was finished with BBQ sauce, the other half dry. They all came out pretty good but the rack that was left unfoiled was a little undercooked because it was physically a larger rack than the other two. So the lesson learned today is to try to by similer sized racks of ribs for roughly even cook times...


Here are the plated ribs, one of each type of finish. Overall I am pretty pleased, it developed a good bark and tasted good. Ordered a Amazin Pellet Smoker today and with any luck it will be here by the end of the week. If it gets here I got a Boston butt with my name on it for next Sunday...



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Great Job

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