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First baby backs - Q View

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I'm normally a spare rib guy, but the other day Costco had some really meaty back ribs.  Not sealed in the 3 pack, but 2 racks in the styro-tray, and already skinned.  Meaty enough for me to spend $3.99 on them.  I think somebody was training an apprentice meat cutter to cut the loin off, and they missed.  Lucky me!


I was shooting for 2-2-1, but had a heat spike when a hickory chunk flared up during the foil stage.  Temp went to 300, and I didn't know for how long.  It was an hour and 20 into the foil and when I checked, they were perfect.  Instead of 1 hour back in the smoker I went for the grill to get them nice and crusty.  I like them with some pull.  Mushy, fall off the bone does not do it for me.


Total cook time was about 4 hours.  Like everyone says, it's not a timed thing.  It's when the meat is done.


Mastebuilt Propane, hickory chunks.  225 for the 2 hour smoke. 


After 6 hours in the fridge with rub:


Baby Backs 8-13-11 001.jpg


Baby Backs 8-13-11 002.jpg


Baby Backs 8-13-11 003.jpg


One hour of smoke:


Baby Backs 8-13-11 004.jpg


Baby Backs 8-13-11 005.jpg


Out of the foil and onto the Weber to finish, basted with Lowcountry Vinegar based sauce.  I found it at Whole Foods, and it goes great on everything.  Even makes a good coleslaw dressing.


Baby Backs 8-13-11 006.jpg


Baby Backs 8-13-11 007.jpg




Baby Backs 8-13-11 009.jpg


Unnecessary close up


Baby Backs 8-13-11 010.jpg




Baby Backs 8-13-11 015.jpg




Baby Backs 8-13-11 017.jpg


Mrs. Scooper's plate.  (a couple wings from the night before too.)


Baby Backs 8-13-11 018.jpg


My plate!


Baby Backs 8-13-11 019.jpg


For my first shot at BB's, I think I nailed it.  Several decades ago when I was an apprentice I worked under a German chef who made Gordon Ramsey look like a teddy bear.  One time he was screaming at another cook saying, "COOKING IS NOT ALWAYS AN ACCIDENT!  YOU CAN CONTROL IT SOMETIMES!!!" 


I loved that, and it has stuck with me for life.  I think I had control of these baby's! 


The wings in the plated pics came out perfect twice now.  Mrs Scooper approves.  They were tested this weekend on real critics... our daughter and grand kids  If the third time is an identical hit, I will post it in the bird forum.

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Everything looks delicious!


Great job on your first BB's!


We got on the BB kick a while back & just do them all the time now.


It's like you said they have been so thick & meaty lately, more so than spares.


Congrats yours look perfect!

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Hats off to you sir. Those look F A N T A S T I C !!!!

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Nice Work!   My first Chef was a 5' tall, 60 yearold German LADY who had no problem slapping me in the back of my head when she wanted to make a point of my screw up's!!! God I loved that woman!...JJ

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Great looking ribs!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great job they look very mouth watering know i should think about dinner

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They look great Scooperdrool.gif Nice jobbiggrin.gif

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Looks great ! drool.gificon14.gif

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Nice job Scooper, those look fantabulous!

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ok you just talked me into it.....I was wondering what my next smoke should be, but after looking at those beautiful smoked bones you did.....I'm doing some BB


nicely done Scooper    drool.gif

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