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Smoker build

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As we now have Hi-speed internet, here are a few pics of a smoker I built and sold last year.  The smoke chamber is a 120 gal propane tank and the firebox is a 20" elevator shaft casing, the chimney is a 6" sprinkler pipe.  The trailer is made of 1" tube, I don't recall the exact dimensions. It pulled well and I could move it around by myself. The silver vertical pipe is conduit and is a light holder.  It has 1/4" tuning plates and cooked very even from side to side.  I put it on Craigslist kinda messing around and a lady bought shortly after I posted it.  Didn't expect to sell it that quick.005.JPG006.JPG004.JPG

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looks great

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Did you ever use it, or just build it to sell?

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I used it for a couple of months.  Early spring.

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Home made are the best. 

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