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Guy Fierri on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

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We have been doing it all wrong.


Guy was at a "BBQ" place in N.C.


Dust the chicken in flour and spices.  Then deep fry it.  Next immerse it in a pot of hot vinegar Q sauce.


That is your BBQ chicken.


Oh well.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Interesting. I can see how that might actually be pretty tasty. Plenty of vinegar in most hot wing sauces to begin with although I am not sure it would fit my definition of "BBQ chicken".

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It sounds very good, just no smoke flavor.

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Listen to the Smoke times some of these guys use...They're all over the place! Crazy...JJ

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I like to watch DDD, but can't stand GF. He's a pompous arse. Anyone that has to continuily remind me how awesome he is, well ain't that awesome. More like ......







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I've gotten kind of tired of that show . It seems like evrything he eats he says it's the best he's ever had / I'm going to use it in my restaurant type deal . I guess he and / or the producers just want to keep a positive vibe going , because he never seems to say anything slightly negative , except for the fact that 2 or 3 times he stated he doesn't like fried eggs over easy style . It seems like occasionally he would say " I don't care for that spice in my recipe " . I suppose it's possible each time he eats something it is better than anything he's eaten before , but I think in reality it's pretty unlikely .

   As for that recipe , a few years back there was a post with a video of a guy named Big Moe making his award winning ribs . He's in Kalamazoo , MI and I've known of him for years . I just saw at the ribfest this year again he got 1st place in the radio station judgement . To make his barbecued ribs it was boil them for an hour ( or something to that effect ) and then put them in a pan in the oven with his sauce poured on them for another hour . That is his award winning ribs . It seems most people in Kalamazoo go crazy for his ribs but they've never been very special to me .

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Hey Squirrel


Tell how you really feel!

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It sure it was "off the hook" or maybe just "money right there"
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Squirrel.....don't hold back.......tell it like it is.........


Personally I like the show.......I like the restauranteurs variations on everyday things that "knock 'em outa' da park" "homerun" "money" etc. GF does a pretty good job with the commentary (getting past the ego is tough)......The cooks are still the stars of the show in my NSHO...especially the folks that make all their stuff from scratch and the one guy that did not have a walk-in in his restaurant......don't know if his food was safe....gutsy.....

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I'm not sayin it might not be good.  Not that far off some wing preparations I have seen.  I just can't call it Q.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I watch it for the places be visits. 

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certainly like the variety.....but it isn't pure smok'in most the time.....just entertainment  icon_eek.gif

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