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Rough Sawn Ship-Lap pine smoke cabinet with A-Maze-N pellet smoke maker!

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Smoke boxSmoke Box insideSmoke Box 3Smoker CabinetSmoke Cabinet 2Smoke Cabinet 3I built this smoker from plans in my head!  I bought the racks from Job Lot and kind of built it around them!  The first year or so I used A-Maze-N dust generator for smoke; worked great...  wanted to step it up a notch so I bought there newest and greatest generator the pellet burner!  This thing puts out copious amounts of smoke for my cabinet!  It is around 20" wide X 40" tall X 14" deep.  I built a separate smoke box to house the new pellet burner so I can keep my inside temp low!  It worked very well.  Inside temps are under 85 degrees. 

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mountainman, evenin'......looks like it will work just fine.........better than store bought even..... great job.......Dave

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That's a great looking smoker!


May I ask where you got the racks at?

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There is a store called Ocean State Job Lot here in CT.  They had them in there BBQ section.  I think Walmart has them as well!  I am building another one that has Stainless Steel grates, so they are easier to clean between smokes!  Good luck!   Morgan

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Thats awesome, i love homemade stuff. points.gif

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Here is the secret to great smoked cheese...        check this guy out.  He has this dust smoker that I have used for over a year and it works great!  Very simple to do; just fill the tray with the dust, light it and set it in the bottom of your smoke cabinet.  It lasts overnight for me( 6 hours or so)  It does not generate too much heat in the cabinet either.  I just bought one of his pellet smoke generators also...  this thing puts out A LOT of smoke!  and lasts for 10 - 11 hours depending how much draft I give it.  Check them out and you can smoke cheese in a cardboard box if needed.  You do not need a fancy smokehouse or anything special like that, if you have a gas grill you can smoke cheese with this; just don't light the gas burner - use it as a a 'smoking cabinet'   Have fun and happy smoking!   Morgan

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Todd is well known to one and all on this site.  I like your homebuilt smoker.  I can just hear my wife now:  What????  Another smoker???????   I think I'll buy stainless shelves first, then build the cabinet, as you did in the build.  On another note:  I've found those particular trays at Bed, Bath and Beyond too.  They're fairly common, but after some use, they do tend to rust near the joins of the metal.

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Hey Morgan

Love the smoker!

I want to make an outside smoker, and this looks like it will work great

What do you use for heat during hot smokes?



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Hi,  Thanks.  I have not used tis cabinet for hot smoking yet...  I just tried the new pellet burner from AmazeN and it gets HOT if I don't throttle it back with the damper!  I forgot and left the pipe wide open and did not put a damper before it enters the smoke chamber, therefore it melted 5 lbs of cheddar last night - when I woke up there was cheese blobs inside!  They still taste good but are nothing to look at!!!  I am going to run a test tonight and set a thermometer inside to see what I can get it up to.  When I hot smoke I use my Weber Q-220 grill and place a pan of dust under the grate, that seems to work good.  Good Luck,  Morgan

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