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Chicken Jalapeno-Mango Sausage

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Hello friends,


I have been real busy at work and no time to smoke, we've been living off of rabbit food (salad) and crock pot meals since I can't remember when, ...Mrs JPT was tired of that so she brought home some steaks to grill, sorry no pics and I grilled some Huli Huli chicken last Saturday, again no pics, the women in the house, after a steady diet of crock pot, have become aggressive when there is meat on the table, I don't even suggest they wait for me to take pics.  LOL




Seeing Fishwrestler's chicken sausage thread reminded me we had some frozen chicken sausage and chicken sausage is awesome, so to keep my membership up to date here is a pic of the last sausage I made, I used Scar's recipe and added more mango and some mango flavoring. We didn't stuff these, just used the STUFZ to make patties and freeze them, ...we'll be eating Chicken Jalapeno-Mango burgers with orzo and parmesan/basil tonight.



Jal-Mango sandwich 004.jpg


Thanks for looking,



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Hey Gene that is awesome. Mrs Scar and I almost never stuff them. We do this just like you did them. I am thinking your Blue Cheese bread recipe made into a roll would really rock that dish. I will give it a try after I pull the plug on work next month.



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Looks delicious!

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Looks great ! drool.gificon14.gif

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awesome looking sausage icon14.gif

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Looks really good

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