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First time using with MES 30.

Needs some sound input on temp - time - dry rub for smoking Tri-Tip.

Would greatly apprciate some help.

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That will smoke up great, although the traditional Santa Maria preparation was grilling.


Great beef flavor.  Many people like to keep the rubs simple due to the great flavor of the cut. Some use simply salt, pepper, garlic, and possibly onion powders.  Others use very complicated rubs.  Just a matter of preference.


Be sure to note the grain before rubbing as it runs in two different directions, and you will need to know how to cut across the grain later.  Always carve across the grain.  Most people like slices of about 1/4 inch.


Typical internal temps would be in the 135 to 145 deg range, but this depends on your desired doneness.


A drip pan underneath will catch some great drippings, maybe a little stock in there to form an au jus?


About a twenty to thirty minute rest, tented loosely with foil on the counter is common.  This cut does not require an extended rest wrapped in towels in a cooler. Left overs are great for sandwiches later!


Let us know how you do!


Good luck and good smoking.

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You gotta listen to those Cali. guys.


They know their tri-tip!

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Give this a try...


Bubba Beef Rub


6T Course Ground Black Pepper

2T Kosher Salt

1T Ground Corriander seed

1tsp Ground Fennel seed

2T Granulated Garlic

2T Granulated Onion

2T Ground Dry Shiitake Mushrooms, stems removed

1/2tsp Ground Allspice


Combine well, makes about 1 Cup Rub. 


Good on any cuts of Beef, Smoked, Grilled, Roasted or Burgers.

It's got real Bite raw but mellows when cooked.

Hope you like it...JJ




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Thanks for the tips.

How long at that temp, or just smoke it until the internal temp reaches 135 to 145? New at this and the last thing I want to do is waste a good piece of meat.

again, thanks for the help.

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Yes smoke it until the IT is 135 - 145.


Personally I like it at 130-135 then rest for 15 minutes & slice across the grain.


Here's one I did at that temp.



3-3-11 5.JPG

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Thanks for the info Al. Appreciate evryones insite.

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Bring it up to temp, rest 15 to 30 minutes tented with foil, slice across the grain and enjoy the Juicy, Pink Goodness!...JJ


Al types FASTER than me!

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I take mine to 135 and let it rest for 15 and enjoy. icon14.gif

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Thanks, I'll give it try.

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I also tried my first tri tip today in my mes30. I got a 4lber, rubbed with salt, bp, and garlic.
Put in the smoker at 230. To my great surprise it hit 238 in an hour and a half, I though I would the a lot longer?? Was this a normal time or wry fast? It did taste great but a little overdone
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Put in the smoker at 230. To my great surprise it hit 238 in an hour and a half, I though I would the a lot longer?? Was this a normal time or wry fast? It did taste great but a little overdone

I'm assuming you mean 138º . That time frame sounds about right.

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I usually indirectly cook my tri tip with hickory over my coals. I season it with a montreal or canadian steak seasoning on one side only. I slice it cross grain like everyone else and it usually doesn't last very long, especially when I have guests over. That's been my method of tri tip for years, might change it soon though. I'm in a big push to try new ideas right now.

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Thanks I did mean 138. I was confused because many treads talk about 2 to 3 hrs
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That time doesn't sound too far off.  Maybe a little quicker than I would have expected.  Variables like the internal temp when you put the meat on come into play, too.


Also, how are you measuring the pit temp?  Stock thermometers are known to be unreliable on many units.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I am going to try a small tri-tip today and my main concern is getting it tender.  I have done a couple larger ones in the past and while they had a good smoke ring and flavor they were far from tender.  Very chewy.  Plus I felt they cooked rather fast.  So how can I get a tender tri-tip?  I plan on keeping the temp under 200 to help the low and slow method and see if that helps.  I plan to stay with just a simple rub and hope things will work out better this time.  

Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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The tri tips can vary.  I think 220 should be low enough especially considering that grilling is the traditional preparation.


Be sure to note in post #2 about cutting thin and against the grain which runs in different directions in this cut.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Low and slow does not apply  with tips since you should be cooking to 135. What you want from smoking tips is the smoke flavor mainly. I always recommend is buying untrimmed Tri-Tip because the fat cap is important for juicy tips. What I do when I use my MES for my tips is first sear the fat cap on a very hot grill to get that fat starting to melt. Then I put in the smoker fat cap up with temp set at 230 till internal temp is 135. What I like to do next is put back on the grill for a quick sear mainly because I use a garlic marinade and it cooks off the excess and gives it a nice color. And always let it rest about 30 min before slicing or you will loose all that juice.


Here is one I did.


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Tri-Tip is in the smoker as we speak. Been there for about tow hours now. Will post the out come.

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Fester, I also much prefer the untrimmed tri tip.  I like a fat cap whether smoking or grilling, although I grill more than I smoke.  The fat can be trimmed at the plate.  Before that, I like it on there.


finally, I am looking forward to your QVIEW.


Good luck and good smoking.

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