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Brisket with Q-view

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I put a 4# Brisket on the Primo this morning with some Hickory chunks that a forum buddy sent me from Louisiana and I am trying out my new pitmaster IQ110. It should be a darn good dinner tonight.








More pics to follow...............................

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Looks like a good start,

We'll be waiting biggrin.gif

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7 Hours on the primo, Normally I get a Killer Smoke ring but today the Brisket Godess was in a hurry and just kissed the edges. I liked using the Pitmaster IQ110, it worked well.





Thanks for looking!!!


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Man O Man that look good..Nice jobicon14.gif

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My Doc say's don't eat all that good looking fat, I say don't look! sausage.gif

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It sure looks good!


Nice plate!

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Thanks guys, I was really suprised with hardly any smoke ring, This was the first time I put Worstchesire all over it before the johnny's, ground pepper, Paprika and garlic. I did not get Worstchesire on the sides cause I was just feeling lazy, but thats the only spots basically that rendered a smoke ring. These spices were a first as I was appeasing the wife, she does not like sugary meat. Does anyone else have problems producing a smoke ring when they use Worstchesire sauce?

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That looks so good

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Looks-Great.gif  fine looking to me.



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Leftovers were great tonight, even better than the main meal biggrin.gif



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