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Using Water In the MES 30

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I see on TV the BBQ Pitmasters that some of the people on there use a water smoker. In fact Myron Mixon uses them. Is that different than using water in our water pan? 

Whats the benefit of using water?

Lots of questions, gotta get this down pat!! I did some more ribs last night and they turned out pretty darned good!!! But could have been better. Maybe with more practice. I found that after 3 hours of smoke they were almost done. I had the temp set at 225.  No water in the pan for the cook. 

Just got my amnps today, Thanks Todd

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Some use water, some don't it's a personal preference. The water acts as a heat sink which helps keep the temp steady & some think it also keeps the food moist. I would try both ways & see which you like better.  

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What al said .Plus water boils at 212 so the steam keeps the air temp cooler.Because some of the heat is used to dry out the steam. Becase its not a sealed system if it was you would get super heated vapor out the flue.

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How about the steam used for tenderizing? I thought that was one of the comments that was made on the BBQ Pitmasters. 

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A lot of us foil for the second stage, and put our favorite juices in the foil with the ribs.

That helps steam tenderize IMO.

Things to add to foil:

Apple Juice (my favorite).


Dr Pepper

White Lightning


Coors Light (or water).  biggrin.gif


And many more.




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Yep I did the 3 2 1 approach. The ribs were done just right. You left a bite mark in them, but they were a tad dry. Still scratching my head on that one. The temp went to 232 at the highest. And I spritzed them a couple of times with apple juice while they were smoking. I'm almost thinking I should have done 2 3 1 on these. 



White lightning, seems to me, if I remember correctly, that might cause the smoker to blow up!! LOL!

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Yeah, Sonny, I told you in that PM, you could start at 3-2-1, and see how it works for you---Then you can make adjustments.


I didn't want to tell you that you had to do it my way, so I didn't tell you I didn't end up staying at 3-2-1 either.


I ended up a lot happier with 2.5-2.5-1.


You don't really know which way to adjust, until you try it. The size of ribs & amount of fat can have some to do with it too.


You'll eventually get it exactly how you like it---Maybe a little juice in the foil??  You'll figure it out.


No white lightning???

How 'bout some 33 Beer?  LOL



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Some good advice there Bear, thanks.


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 Bear gave you some great advise. I started with 3-2-1 and adjusted to suit. If your ribs are coming out dry, it's either the 3 or the 1

because they won't dry out in foil with liquid in there with them. I go with more like 3 1/2- 2 -1/2., sometimes 3 1/2- 2 1/2 and call it done

Whatever you find you like.

 I find I adjust my process more to suit others. I like more smoke than most seem to. If the people you are feeding don't like it

it sure takes the fun out of a great meal.

 Experimentation is the only way to find your method. Asking questions can save a lot of trying. This place is a great source of info.





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Ribs are the one thing that you just have to keep experimenting with until you get them the way you & your family like them.


For me even if I get it perfect one time & repeat the procedure again, they seem to be different.


I don't have a problem smoking anything except ribs & it's just very frustrating.


Good luck & keep on smokin'.

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