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Will Tim Tebow be a starting NFL Quarterback? Poll

Poll Results: Will Tim Tebow be a successful NFL starting quarterback

Poll expired: Sep 26, 2011  
  • 25% (2)
    Yes, Hall of Fame Material
  • 12% (1)
  • 37% (3)
  • 12% (1)
  • 12% (1)
    No way, No how, Never
8 Total Votes  
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For some reason we seem to have this conversation everytime I have friends over for a ball game.  What do you think?

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Sucessful in that he wont lose too many games, and may actually win a few.  Assuming Denver stops trying to turn him into a pocket passer.  Manning he is NOT.  He needs to get his feet moving to make things happen. 

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Successful as in 6 years from now he is a starting QB in the NFL.  Doesn't get his head knocked off trying to run, is good enough to start for any NFL team.  NO way, no how as sharing a couch with Jamarcus Russel and Ryan Leaf.

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I sure hope so. I have always been a huge Tebow fan. But how many awesome college scrambling QB's have ween seen that go to the NFL and stink it up because the typical NFL QB is a pocket passer as was mentioned above and they never end up making it because that's not their style of play. Vick has managed to pull it off so there is always hope I guess. I'm starting to get into the football mood.

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I don't know if he will be or not but I do know that if not it won't be form his not giving it his all. His work ethic, heart and soul are never in question.



Oh and by the way    Go Gators

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my vote is hall of fame   if he can do for denver what he did for fla    look out,  why do you think urban quit and fla dropped considerably when he graduated

i will admit most of the offence he played with is in the NFL, how can you top the pouncy brothers  and not to mention percey harven would have been heisman material if tebow wasnt around but tebow is the one who led them to greatness for his reign and i hope he siceeds as well in the NFL

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Romo #2 PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif that's my opinion! And I'm a Dallas Diehard. 

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Like jerry said ,Tebow has the heart of a lion . But i just don't see him making it as a top tier NFL QB.


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