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WSM 18" and white smoke?

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I was just wondering if any of you watch your smokes like I do.  It does not matter what I am smoking or how long, I have to pay attention to my smoker because I allways seem to get that awful white smoke at some point.  It may start as thin blue but at some point, the white smoke will start and I am reaching in to pull out the chunk that is not burning so well.  Just looking for a little help.

Thanks. BKOS 

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What temps are you running?


What kind of wood are you smoking with?


Soaked or dry?


Where are you putting your vents at?


I have no issues with my 18 with white smoke.


225-240,dry chunks, top vent all the way open and all bottom closed except one half way to one quarter open.



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I don't have a WSM I beat a different drum, UDS same principle. Top vent open and control your heat with the intake. I suggest the Minion Method and you could soak your chunks first or not, that's a preference. Toss the factory therm and get a few reliable therms and cook to temp not time. I'll stop now but take a look at my signature for some helpful hints. icon14.gif

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I can't wait to see this one run its course. LOL


Then I think AMNS?


Good luck and good smoking.

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I think they have it covered.

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I have a WSM 18 and run it the exact same way as fpnmf.  Sometimes get white smoke when the lid gets put back on after putting meat on but is usually gone in a few minutes.  Give us a little more info as to how you set up your WSM and type of wood and temps as were stated before.

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I get the white smoke no matter what I'm doing.  For example, 220-230 minion method, top vent open and bottom say 1/4 open and using hickory chunks purchased from Home Depot with any bark removed.  If I start with the hickory chunks buried in the unlit coals, I will almost always get white smoke and have to dig in to remove the smoldering chunks.  The only way I get the thin blue is when my coals are completely burning and I place a chunk on top after meat is in.

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There is usually some as it gets up to temp.


How many chunks are you putting in there??



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2 at most.  And thanks for the help.

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It sounds like your doing everything right.


Can you take a picture of the smoke your getting, a little white smoke from time to time is normal.


You just don't want thick billowing white smoke coming out of the smoker.


There's a photo that's been circulating here showing 2 smokers side by side and the difference in heavy & light smoke.


Hopefully someone will be along who has that photo to show you.

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When the wood is first getting lit (or right after you add wood) it will be thick white for a few minutes untill it gets hot enough, but it should settle down to thin blue fairly quick after that.

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I bury wood through out the ring. Once I fire mine up and get my temps settled and about 15min after getting the food on. I will chuck a nice chunk in the ring right on top. I never have a problem with white smoke due to the lump being pretty tame.

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