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Stuffed Burger - Hemi View!

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This is more of an LOL than a serious post.  I just did not know what forum to put it in.  I drive all day, so when I bring my lunch there is no way to heat it up. I decided to apply for my red neck card, and heat my stuffed burger up on the HEMI engine!


I made these last Sunday along with the Chuckie Bourguignon.  Two thin burger patties stuffed with Canadian Bacon and two types of cheese.  I just had to get some warmth into it.  Eating it cold for lunch just is not satisfying.


Wrapped in foil then in a covered pan, HEMI 5.7L at idle, hood closed, 20 minutes.




Perfectly reheated!




Onto a CWB with cheese and ketchup. Lunch in the scooper truck!




Sorry, no money shot or Bear View.

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I heard of it before, but never tried it !!!


Looks like it worked fine----Much better than anything cold!!!


Good Job!!



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What Bear said!


How come my truck doesn't look that clean under the hood?

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Well....If you're gonna spend tons of cash in gas on a HEMI powered vehicule, it might as well cook food too. Great lookin' burger !

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I used to have a 57 Ford for awhile (back in 1965), and I could have smoked my burger real good with that one too!!!  biggrin.gif




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I used to do that when I worked construction. I don't like cold sandwiches so I would warm my food up on the exhaust manifold of the car. People thought I was crazy but I had some good lunches compared to anyone else.

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Not a LOL at all!  I have heard of truckers doing this.  I have also seen posts of people doing halibut in a dishwasher.


There are many ways to cook.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Red Neck card approved. banana_smiley.gif

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I was hoping for the 426 kind, but I guess yours works also. After all they did have the Rat Roaster intake.

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A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do,

I have reheated PP on the manifold of my D-8 Caterpillar many times.


Your card is in the mail beercheer.gif

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I used to work for an asphalt company & we would bury all kinds of stuff in the hot asphalt. Corn in foil, TV dinners, It was so hot it would cook raw or frozen food very quickly. I used to make some killer chili, cheese dogs all wrapped up in foil & put in the asphalt.

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You guys are too funny!


Al, I was talking bout this on facebook and a friend of mine said something similar to your asphalt method.  His roofing crew used to triple wrap a turkey and cook it in the tar pot.  He said they really tasted GREAT once you got past the smell.


I will have to pass on that one!

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Originally Posted by werdwolf View Post

What Bear said!


How come my truck doesn't look that clean under the hood?



100% paved road driving keeps it that way.

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Red neck card and $2.20 plus Shipping will get you this






click on pic

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I have used the dash but never the engine compartment good Idea. Too bad gas is so exspensive you could heat up a whole brisket.. JK looks like it worked.

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I have done "manifold meals" before....I have also used the engine to thaw my beer in the dead of winter.....

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